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With a simple flip of a switch you could greatly increase your eBay sales. As resellers it is our job to ensure that there are profitable sales taking place each and every day. Sometimes it feels like there is a screeching halt to our sales and we begin to question why and look for ways to improve it. Lets talk about a simple setting change you can make to your eBay store that can turn the table on your sales and help you increase your profits. To begin with lets take a look at what an RSS feed is and how it can be hurting your sales.

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS feed is simply a method to make sure readers/users get the freshest data possible. An RSS Feed can both notify readers of new content or in the case of eBay, show a result of items you have listed for sale. As new items are added the older listings get pushed further and further down the search results.If your list is long enough, there is the potential that customers never even see your items. If you are using good til cancelled (GTC) listings, you are at a greater risk for having your items not get in front of potential customers. Now dont get me wrong we still use GTC and you should not avoid it just because of this, instead follow these important steps on a frequent basis to reset your RSS feed.

How to reset your RSS Feed

Step 1: Access the RSS Feeds setting for your eBay store, quickest way to access it is by clicking here

Step 2: Select Don’t activate your Fixed Price listing via RSS option and click the Apply button

RSS Feed setting within the eBay store manager

Step 3: Wait overnight. This is the key part do not skip it.

Step 4: Revisit the RSS Feeds setting page and reactivate your RSS feed.

Step 5: Reap the rewards of increased sales.

Now this is not a fool proof method and the effects are only temporary as it only refreshes the first 100 listings in your store. For this reason, we highly recommend repeating these steps every few weeks. Do not get refresh happy however as an established feed is necessary for your listing to show up on other websites like Google and through ads which eBay runs.

Did you follow these steps? Let us know how your results went in the comments below.