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Reseller Burnout – Learn How to Reset

Reseller Burnout is a real issue. Lean what it is, how to reset and most importantly move forward from it. In the reseller life many of us go, go , go until that one day you crash. Discover our story and how we are dealing with it.

Dealing With Low Ball Offers – Accepting eBay Best Offers

Dealing with low ball offers is part of the reselling business. It is always funny when you see other resellers trying to purchase something at a price below shipping fees, ebay fees, and no profit. Discover how we process eBay Best Offers and our logic...

Sourcing Locally for a $10-$15 Item Selling for $200 on eBay

Finding deals locally - after losing an item on eBay for a birthday gift I was completely shocked at the winning bid amount just shy of $200 and set out to see if I could find the item locally. Found several listed locally in the $10-15 range. Sometimes...

eBay Handling Time – Time Management – Reseller Journey

In today's VLOG we discuss the reseller journey, how time management can make your or break you and eBay handling time. Join me as I discuss our processes and share in the comments any tips you have for improving your time management along with what you...

Retail Arbitrage – Always Be Looking

An unplanned trip to the drug store turns into a profitable adventure. You have to always be looking for deals and steals no matter what store you are in. Discover some of the small wins we found that when grouped together will make for some nice profit in...

No Motivation Monday – Keep Pushing Forward

Rough day trying to start the week, exhaustion, not the best sales, and more playing games with your head. How do you reset and keep moving forward? Discover what we faced and how we keep positive to keep the business moving forward.