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Returns are a natural part of any commerce based business, retail, e-commerce, it does not matter. Your Amazon reselling business is no different. You should factor in the fact that your business will have returns. We use 10-15% based on the products we are selling, your number will be different based on the industry and type of products you sell.

We have had people ask, after they get that first shocking email from Amazon stating they refunded a customer, what happens. I am going to take a couple moments and explain the process of returns with Amazon and help you understand what is going on with your account.

First of all, you have no say in returns, Amazon’s customer service will choose who, when and how they authorize returns to. The give the customer the benefit of the doubt and work on an honor system. This means people will try and take advantage. They immediately refund the customer and deduct the money from your account. Now the customer is given a label to send the item back to Amazon and has 45 days which to mail the item back to Amazon. This is the why you need to monitor your returns as if the customer does not return the item, Amazon owes you the money again.

If the item is received back from Amazon they will examine it for selling condition. If it is determined that the item is in a sellable condition it will be returned to your inventory for sale. That’s great and the way you prefer to have a return happen as people do return items which they just dont want or maybe found cheaper elsewhere or the best, regret buying due to financial constraints.

If it comes back in a non-sellable condition (package opened and/or destroyed, used, broken ,etc) it will be flagged for removal and you will be given two options: 1) having it destroyed or 2) have it returned to you for a removal fee of course. We have our account setup to automatically remove and send to us any non-sellable returns each month.

So how can you check the status of a return, the reason it was returned and the condition?

  1. Login to Seller Central
  2. Select Fulfillment under Reports from the main menu
  3. Select FBA customer returns under the Customer Concessions section of the menu on the left
  4. Select the date range desired in the Event Date dropdown and click the Generate Report button
    We typically will run a report for the last 90 days just to ensure we are not missing anything
  5. A report will appear with any returns you may have had during the selected time period
    we have blacked out information about our product from the image for security reasons

    On this report your will want to pay attention to the Disposition, Customer Return Reason, and Status columns.The Disposition will show the condition of the returned item.The Customer Return Reason will contain a short description of the reason for the return as indicated by the customer. Some of them will be a link which when clicked will display a pop-up with more details.The Status will give your a short description of the status of the customer return.

That is the basics on how to generate the FBA returns report and check the status of your customer’s returns. Now this is only for FBA items and not Merchant Fulfilled (MF) items.

For more details about the FBA customer returns report visit