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Reselling Our Way to Freedom

Welcome to the Our Journey 2 Freedom, this website was created to document our journey to freedom through reselling. That is the freedom to choose what we want to do when we want to do it…. Freedom to control our own destiny… Freedom to enjoy life.

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Blog Post

Amazon FBA Customer Returns

Amazon FBA Customer Returns

Returns are a natural part of any commerce based business, retail, e-commerce, it does not matter. Your Amazon reselling business is no different. You should factor in the fact that your business will have returns. We use 10-15% based on the products we...


Reseller Burnout – Learn How to Reset

Reseller Burnout – Learn How to Reset

Reseller Burnout is a real issue. Lean what it is, how to reset and most importantly move forward from it. In the reseller life many of us go, go , go until that one day you crash. Discover our story and how we are dealing with it.


Thorough out our adventure we will share the hustles we go through as well as the learning experience or failures as some like to call them… For us failure is a positive thing, provided you learn from it and grow.